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The Village Association occasionally gets involved in longer term campaigns to improve services and amenities that will benefit the whole of our community. The first featured here is our two year fundraising project to acquire our own snow clearing equipment.

Troutbeck's New Snow Plough and Gritter

Pip Simpson and Tony Ashton celebrate delivery of the brand new equipment. After all our village roads were cut off for over four weeks during the severe winter of 2009, Troutbeck’s Village Association vowed to take action. Now, thanks their fundraising efforts, Troutbeck has bought its own community-based snow plough and gritter.

A Two Year Campaign

During the severe winter of 2009 all of Troutbeck’s village lanes and steep access roads were left completely ungritted. The snow quickly turned to packed ice, and for over four weeks the village was completely cut off to normal traffic. Only four wheel drives could reach the village, and even walking was highly dangerous. For most villagers contact with the outside world was severely disrupted. There were no deliveries of fuel oil or other essential supplies, and emergency services were dangerously compromised.

All Troutbeck’s residents felt totally let-down and isolated, and so in 2010 our Village Association began investigating how we could get some form of community-based snow clearing and gritting facilities.

In November 2010, after much campaigning, Cumbria Highways had agreed to supply the village with de-icing salt, and to pay an approved contractor to clear Troutbeck roads of snow and ice.

Unfortunately, during the 2010 winter the Village Association failed to find a local contractor with suitable equipment, and so in 2011 fund raising was begun in earnest – this time to purchase our own equipment!

Now in October 2011, after months of campaigning and fund raising, a brand new gritter and snow plough has been delivered to Pip Simpson’s Poole Bank Farm in Troutbeck, where the equipment will be stored. Pip has been approved by Cumbria Highways to clear all the roads in Troutbeck and, if required, other adjacent wards of the Lakes Parish.

The £12,500 cost of the equipment has come from grants received from the Central Lakes Local Area Partnership, Lakes Parish Council, Neighbourhood Forum, Troutbeck Village Association, Jesus Church PCC, SLDA Community Grant Aid Fund and individual contributions from Troutbeck residents.

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